Alexander FFA

American Degrees

American Degree Recipients

1957– Everette Boggess

1962– Ronnie Scott

1990– Kirk Keefer

1993– Jill Allen

         Andy Battrell

1994– Eric Facemyer

1996– Stace Robinson

1997– Jeremy Jordan

          Travis West

1998– Carolee King

          Joy King

1999– Erin Brooks

          Jon Carpenter

          Brian Ennis

2000– Janice Bailey

2001- Natalie Bobo

          Jeff Brooks

          Stacy Brooks

          Christy Cheadle

          Jared Meeks

2002–Chad Bean

          Michele Ennis

          John Ervin

2003–Jody Brooks

2004–Dwayne Mace       

          Brianna Hess

2006–Jenna Meeks

          Jami Miner

          Wendy Sewell

2007–Ryan Batrell

          Cory Gillette

2008- Andrew Ding

2009-Brent Kasler

2010– Kara Oberholzer

          Zach Crabtree

The American Degrees is the highest degrees that the National FFA Organization can bestow upon their members.  Only 1 in every 125 FFA members have sufficient SAE projects to earn the FFA’s highest honor.